Listed Building Contractors

When it comes to working on listed buildings Westminster Building Company have lots of knowledge in the pitfalls and problems that you can be faced with as well as the experience and qualifications to overcome them.

Many builders are only trained in modern building and are therefore less well qualified to identify with the complexities that a listed building can pose. As we are experienced at working on old properties we should be able to suggest cost-effective and well-designed solutions to any problems that you encounter. We have the qualifications and experience required to be able to work on a listed building, whilst respecting its history and conserving original features wherever possible.

Listed Building Contractors Who Employ Highly Skilled Craftsmen

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen have the skills required to repair and conserve your listed building. Their main concern is to ensure that all work carried out respects heritage values, historic features and specialist construction techniques.

They will ensure that wherever possible lime products, special bricks, historic paint colours and mixes and other traditional materials are used, to maintain the original character of your listed building, whilst ensuring that it is brought into the twenty first century, when it comes to meeting safety requirements etc.

Due to the complexity of working on listed buildings we ensure that a foreman is onsite at all times. They will ensure that any unforeseen issues arising are dealt with both swiftly and sympathetically. They will ensure that your project is kept within budget, wherever possible, and will liaise with you on a regular basis with regards to the progress of your renovation.

 We are committed to meeting the most rigorous health and safety procedures to not only ensure we protect our workforce and customers, but also the listed building on which we are working. We constantly strive to be acknowledged amongst the very best in listed building contractors.

If you’re looking for meticulous, highly experienced, skilled, listed building contractors then please contact us today to discuss your project.

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