Property Dilapidations

All leased properties put obligations on the tenant or occupier, to keep the property in a certain state of repair and decoration. Property dilapidations refer to the state of a property that falls below the required level.

Property dilapidations can be very time consuming as well as costly

Most leases detail the extent to which the tenant must keep the commercial property in repair and good order. They also usually require the tenant to re-decorate and remove any alterations made to the commercial property at the end of the lease.

Failure to comply usually results in a dilapidations claim from the landlord. These claims can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds, depending on the size and nature of the property. It is extremely important to consider and understand in full the exact nature of any future property dilapidation liabilities before you sign any lease.

Westminster Building Company can help you to put together a planned maintenance programme, which will ensure that any necessary repairs are carried out during the life of the lease, to help ensure you are not presented with a large liability at the end of it.

The Property Dilapidations Team at Westminster Building Company 

Our property dilapidations team have a vast experience in advising tenants about their commercial property dilapidations liabilities during all stages of the life of their leases. We ensure tenants understand their liabilities in full.

Our expertise and detailed understanding of dilapidations works in the best interest of both landlords and occupiers. After all, it is in everyone’s interest that the property is kept in good repair.

If you are thinking of signing a new commercial lease or are coming to the end of one and would like more information about our property dilapidations services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.